Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hyatt Regency Sacramento: Review

View from the Park Capitol Suite
I last stayed at the Hyatt Regency Sacramento in 2014, prior to obtaining Diamond status.  We had been in a couple rooms, the nicest being a complementary upgrade to a Capitol View King.  Being as this would be our first night at this hotel as a Diamond, I was hoping to get something even nicer.
This would also be our last night as a Diamond until requalification at the end of this month (March).

We pulled up to the front around 7:30 in the evening, opting for self-parking.

Sarah at the front desk checked us in, and confirmed our King room booked on points+cash.  I could tell I wasn't going to get an automatic upgrade, so I inquired about the Park Capitol suite, noting that I saw availability, and asking if the hotel would be willing to comp an upgrade- or if not, how much it would be to upgrade.  After some fiddling with the computer, Sarah handed us our keys to room 902, a Park Capitol Suite!  She also informed us that our parking for the night would be $17, and that the Regency Club was on the 10th floor. We also were offered our Diamond amenity, and we initially opted for milk & cookies and a Pepsi (though when we discovered there were cookies in the club, we called to have our amenity changed to points).  Finally, we were given a 4 P.M late check-out, meaning I could spend my day off in the room if I chose!

While I've been upgraded a couple times to a suite automatically (HR Monterey, HR Miami), this was the first time an inquiry on my part scored me a free upgrade, and I was pretty ecstatic about it, especially considering the standard rate on that suite was nearly $500 for the night!
We got in the elevator and went up to the 9th floor.
Park Capitol Suite

Initial impressions of the room were great.  Off to the left was a 6 person table and counter space aplenty.  There was a mini-fridge and a Keurig machine.
Further in was a worktable and a couch with a 42" television. In the bedroom was the Hyatt Grand Bed and another 42" TV.  The room also featured a mini-balcony with a fantastic view of the Capitol.
Kitchen Area, Park Capitol Suite.
We set our bags down and made our way up a floor to the Regency Club.  As it turns out, the club was directly above our room, but luckily there was little noise to disturb us.  We snacked on white chocolate flakes, tamales, and chocolate chip cookies, all the while being doted upon by the club host, who ensured we had everything we needed multiple times.  Then we went back to the room for some shut-eye.

We woke up for breakfast around 7 the next morning, and grabbed some pineapple and strawberries along with an egg-quiche from the lounge.  The food was slightly better than you'd find at a lower-end Hyatt, though selection was relatively lacking.

We left the hotel around 7:45 so I could drop Kim off at work, with a plan to pick up our belongings later.

Capitol Suite Bathroom
We returned around 12:30 and headed back up to the club to grab a couple snacks.  We took some peanuts, soda, and chocolate chip cookies and went back to the room. to watch some TV.  We arrived at the room somewhat surprised to see it hadn't been cleaned.  Not that it was necessary given that we weren't staying an additional night, but it's been our experience that our rooms get cleaned in the morning regardless of our check-out time.  About 5 minutes after settling in to watch a show, housekeeping showed up to ask what time we'd be leaving.  I informed her that our check-out was at 4, but in the meantime asked for additional bath amenities.  She returned shortly after with a small bag full of specialty bath amenities (more on those amenities in upcoming Mattress Run Summary post).

We left the hotel a little after 1:00.  I later discovered that my Diamond Amenity points had not posted, and called HGP to have them added along with the 500 point bonus for having to call.  It was the most complicated call I've had with HGP, because my account history confused the representative, and because by the time I made the call, I was no longer Diamond status.  None-the-less, it was worth it for 1500 points.

Ultimately this was a fantastic experience.  My previous stays were lackluster at best, and this stay beat my expectations.  Service at the front desk was great, and service in the Club was phenomenal.  I wish I had more excuses to come back.

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